Unravelling the Complexities of Construction: Embracing AI and Automation for Improved Quality and Profitability

In an age where technology continues to disrupt and reshape various industries, the construction sector benefits immensely from embracing innovation. With the intricate interplay of numerous elements, such as materials, people, logistics, and budgets, project managers face mounting challenges in ensuring quality control and progress tracking. But what if AI and automation could revolutionize construction … Read more

AI-Powered Quality Control: Solving the Costly Construction Problem

As an Architect, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges project teams face in ensuring that construction projects are executed according to plan. I always considered it remarkable that only 5–10% of a construction project is typically checked against the plan, leaving project leaders relying on outdated or low-resolution information to make critical decisions, which all … Read more

10 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Construction Project

The development of a construction project is a business that represents many challenges and is subject to the influence of several external factors that are sometimes difficult for developers to control. While the industry is often very lucrative, profits can quickly become affected by cost overruns. The manufacturer assumes all risks, with no guarantee of … Read more

The Benefits of Integrating Artificial Intelligence in the Construction World

The benefits of Integrating Artificial Intelligence in the construction world

Being a fast-growing sector and a real economic driver, construction is a field in constant evolution, in fact, it is beginning to undergo major changes. However, despite the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things) and the digitization of companies, construction is still seen as a sector that is not very innovative and suffers from … Read more

What is BIM in construction?

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In recent years, digitalisation has led to significant advances in the construction sector, such as computer-aided design, and participation in participatory bidding on digital platforms, among others. However, one of the main innovations in the construction industry has been the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in processes to improve results. We are talking about a work methodology that … Read more

Building The Future Around Data

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The construction industry generates enormous quantities of data from a wide variety of sources. Checklists, spreadsheets, emails, red line drawings, and of course, the BIM file are just some of the elements from a long list. With such vast amounts of data around, it is not surprising that construction companies have problems managing this information. Reports show … Read more

The Need For Modernization And A Set Of Collaborative Tools To Use

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A construction site is an extraordinarily complex and dynamic environment. With half-completed structures, cranes, lifts, ladders, scaffolding, stacked materials, and busy workers moving around trying to meet demanding deadlines, keeping track of what is going on can be a daunting task. While architects can produce highly accurate 3D models with computer-aided design (CAD), construction is … Read more

Why Scaled Robotics

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What was a chance introduction from a pick-up soccer teammate lead to a casual chat between two strangers in 2014. This quickly evolved into a friendship and eventually turned into an entrepreneurial adventure. Sharing a common vision to reduce the waste and inefficiency in the construction industry, the co-founders of Scaled Robotics: Stuart Maggs and … Read more

Digitizing Construction

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The world is currently going through the 4th Industrial Revolution, characterized by artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital fabrication and robotics, just to name just a few. At Scaled Robotics we are set to work on some of these previously disjointed fields to modernize construction. Construction is one of the world’s largest and most significant industries … Read more