Forge helps make robot-gathered insights actionable

Stuart Maggs CEO of Scaled Robotics

Challenge Collecting precision data from across a construction site is a time-consuming task. Normally, an operator has to use cumbersome equipment to capture a point cloud of data. Scaled Robotics solved that challenge with its robotic devices, which can efficiently collect data. Quickly processing a massive quantity of point cloud data is a potential stumbling … Read more

Beyond the robot: Scaled Robotics’ reality capture tools provide actionable information

The Scaled Robotics robot recording a construction

When construction sites are not captured and digitized while construction is in progress, there can be unforeseen and time-consuming impacts, especially when contractors are trying check their work. Automation and robotics startup Scaled Robotics is bringing automation to reality capture specifically geared towards construction that is in progress. Their automatic robot-mounted progress monitoring system can take what … Read more

Investing millions in automation

A Scaled Robotics technician recording a building

Spanish company Scaled Robotics has proved themselves in test projects. AF and OBOS are now investing in the company through Construct Venture. The robot was introduced into AF’s projects in 2018 and the software has undergone thorough functionality testing. The results and potential of the product have been so promising that AF and OBOS, through … Read more