Alejandro Nespereira

Alejandro Nespereira I am a vision researcher with an incredible memory for useless facts. When I am not busy breaking my head over spatial transforms I can be found breaking my bones at the nearest rock climbing wall.

François Chataigner

François Chataigner Software Engineer with a passion for robotics. I’ve been lucky to work with all kinds of robots, from underwater vehicles in the lochs of Scotland, to aerial drones in the sewers of Barcelona. When I am not debugging, I love spending time in the mountains.

Alba Pujol, PhD

Alba Pujol Computer vision engineer who likes to see the world in 3D. When I’m not moving point clouds I can be found hiking or climbing around.

Fatma Nur Arabaci

Fatma Nur Arabaci An electronics engineer with a background in Robotics, who is also excited about machine learning algorithms. As part of my daily routine, I extrapolate from incomplete data and train models to make them smarter as I learn from them in the process. My biggest virtues are being a cat-mom of two and … Read more

Claudia Escalona

Claudia Escalona I like to keep things simple. I also love easter eggs, puzzles and riddles.

Jonathan Lysiak

Jonathan Lysiak A former car mechanic turned Full Stack Developer. I live to troubleshoot issues, apply solutions, and confirm fixes. In my spare time I enjoy collecting and repairing retro video games and riding motorcycles.

Eloi Bové

Eloi Bové I am a Computer Vision engineer that got tired of tuning hyperparameters and now I am trying to learn about SLAM and Robotics. In my free time I am a strategy board game enthusiast and I also quite enjoy a pint of craft beer.

Gjeorgjia Lilo

Gjeorgjia Lilo Trained as an architect with a deep passion about the technical aspect of the field, and more specifically, construction sites. I take great pleasure in cooking for friends and family, then going for long hikes to balance things out.