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Naska.AI is a data-driven platform that leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide rich, actionable insights.

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Naska.AI can turn expensive and laborious manual processes into streamlined and automated workflows.

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Naska.AI provides actionable insights using data streaming from your site to provide invaluable information about what’s working, what isn’t, and why.

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01. Reality capture

Raw site data is captured using terrestrial scanners or mobile laser devices. Terrestrial scanners are tripod-mounted, and produce highlight-accurate and precise laser scans. They are perfect for high-accuracy installations such as steel and concrete.

Mobile devices, in contrast, offer speed at the expense of accuracy and are designed to track progress quickly in large areas. A combination of the two yields an accurate picture of the site at different scales.

02. Analysis

Data from the site is then uploaded through a web portal to be compared against the plan (BIM data) to extract meaningful insight.

Every element is analysed individually, classified and tagged with relevant information such as automatically tagged 360 images and section drawings.

Our AI and Machine Learning Construction Software runs through the analysis of thousands of elements in a fraction of the time that it would take a full BIM and Project Team. Our platform is like having an experienced PM and BIM team on demand to analyse data and deliver back in-depth reports.

03. Information delivered

The information is delivered back to users in a simple, easy-to-use web-based interface.

To speed up the diagnosis of issues, assets are automatically tagged to each element to visualize issues. You can quickly and easily identify issues across your entire project.

We give you an understanding of your project at a glance by classifying each element according to its state. Information can then be pushed back into the existing BIM workflows created by you to empower your everyday work.

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Yes, by using the software as an on-demand cloud service you get the advantage of processing speed, without the need of investing in expensive computers. The software in the cloud is constantly improving being updated every week, so you can always reap the benefits of the latest developments.

We gather the tolerances directly from the client, so you can set custom tolerances for different element types (Columns, walls, floors, MEP etc.)

Yes, if you export the files to the correct format you can use most scanners. (FARO, LEICA, ZOLLER)

Naska.AI algorithms have been trained on construction sites all over the world. We can reliably filter out clutter and noise to deliver high quality results consistently. This has been verified in collaboration with our customer base using traditional survey equipment to verify the results.

The data is stored securely with encryption on AWS.

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