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Our culture

Naska.AI is an AI-powered platform that processes your data to provide actionable insights within the construction industry.

We believe in not just waiting for progress but enabling it. This is why we deliver top-notch technology to create new experiences that bring
actual value to all our stakeholders around the globe.

We are proud of the trust we have gained with projects around the world to create an impact on the world we all live in.

Our mission

Is to provide the construction industry with high-quality
automated insights that mitigate risk to deliver sustainable,
profitable projects.

Our vision

Is to enhance construction processes globally with reliable
ai-powered insights that allow better decision-making to meet
the challenges of the next century.

Our story

Naska.AI is a young start-up founded in 2016 as “Scaled Robotics” by two talented professionals, Stuart Maggs and Bharath Sankaran, willing to solve the leading challenges faced by the construction industry by bridging the gap between the digital design and physical reality to derisk construction worldwide.

They wanted to make a difference in the construction field by bringing more value to this massive $7+ Trillion industry that needed solutions to continue growing and operating worldwide. And so, they decided to create a company that would use Artificial intelligence to revolutionise the construction industry to provide the needed support to help the construction ecosystem adapt, be efficient and achieve their success.


Bharath, a roboticist, and computer scientist, meets Stuart, an architect with experience in computational design. Together, they talk about how we are attempting to construct 21st-century structures using 20th-century materials. After that, they make the decision to start a fresh quest to modernise construction. That day marked the unofficial beginning of Scaled Robotics.

Scaled Robotics is officially founded and receives a pre-seed investment of 1 million euros by the German corporation PERI. It heralds the beginning of several pilot projects, creating new alliances that endure today.



Scaled Robotics beat out 14 other top businesses to win the top prize at the annual TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield event in Berlin because of their creative building solution.

Scaled Robotics raises 2 million euros seed investment, led by European firms, Norwegian Construct Venture and PropTech Fund Surplus. Also, the beta version of our software was launched.



Scaled Robotics is awarded 0.5 million as part of a Horizon Europe grant for the HumanTech Project for their innovative research in modern ways to automate BIM to reality comparison.

Scaled Robotics rebrands as Naska.AI to reflect our cutting-edge technological approach.


Meet the team

We are a diverse, fun, and collaborative team driven by passion, learning, problem-solving
and expertise. We challenge our full potential bringing innovative and unique insights
to help the construction industry to meet the challenges of not only today but tomorrow!

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