Michele di Maggio

Michele di Maggio Raised in Puglia, southern Italy. Before entering the world of architecture I studied IT, so I believe in interactivity as the key to connect architecture with its audience. Always attracted by 3D modeling and new visualization technologies but when not working I enjoy good food, good company, good wine, good books and … Read more

Daniele Vinci

Daniele Vinci Trained as an engineer, I later discovered my endless curiosity could cater well to product roles. In my personal time I like exploring new bike trails and working on the family farm in south Italy.

Emma Roscow, PhD

Emma Roscow I am a former neuroscientist who got excited about machine learning, and swapped brains for 3D construction scans. Also known as a cat-lover, intrepid explorer of new restaurants, and first-class port drinker.

Solange Carrasco

Solange Carrasco I’m an experienced optimizer with a heart for marketing. What I see is what I believe. I’m a marketer and marketers are modern-day magicians, creating a compelling vision of a possible reality and making it come to life through the internet. I work with amazing people, use cool tools, solve tricky problems, and … Read more

Victoria Shelest

Victoria Shelest I am a designer specializing in digital, graphic design and animation. When I am not moving pixels, I like to travel, learn languages and dance rockabilly.