Meet Noether

Naska.AI’s research and development
robot named after the famous
mathematician Emmy Noether.

Built with intelligent autonomy

This UGV is equipped with multimodal sensing, allowing
Naska.AI’s R&D Team to validate new groundbreaking ideas and experimental workflows that have the potential to impact the construction industry—built with intelligent autonomy to test
new ideas with minimal human supervision.

Photo by Dura Vermeer

Packed with high-quality sensors

We have developed a cutting-edge robotic platform, Noether, capable of seamlessly
navigating its environment to gather precise and high-quality data. Its compact and
agile design allows for safe operation in close proximity to workers, while its robustness
enables it to maneuver through even the toughest construction sites with ease.

Size and weight

Platform base

Clearpath Jackal

External dimensions

508 x 430 x 250 mm
(20 x 17 x 10 in)


17 kg (37 lbs)

Maximum playload

20 kg (44 lbs)

Speed and performance

Max speed

2.0 m/s (6.6 ft/s)

Run time (data collection
and mapping)

2 hours

User power

5V at 5A, 12V at 10A, 24V at 20A


to use

Easy to transport, and a simple user interface with embedded safety features.

High resolution
mapping sensors

Lidars, cameras and more, to capture the smallest details in your environment.

Onboard computer with
state of the art algorithms

To build accurate 3D maps of your construction site.

Integration with Naska.AI platform workflow

Benefits of using Noether

for users

Capture data yourself with minimal training.

Collect data quickly
and regularly

Survey your construction site in a matter of minutes, as often as you want.

100% integrated with Naska.AI workflow

Integrates seamlessly with our AI-powered platform to analyze data and generate insights.


We are always looking for new sensors and ideas to give you the functionality and insights you want.


Noether is involved in several projects to push the boundaries of construction automation.